Update: Nori Health in Top 10 Health startups as selected by Accenture

Update: We have now reached the finals and are among the Top 10 Health startups in The Netherlands. Here we go! Thank you so much for your support.

We are proud to announce that Nori Health has been selected in the Top 25 Health startups for the upcoming Accenture Innovation Awards. The selection by Accenture will be further reduced to 10 finalists before the Awards are handed out in Amsterdam – so please support us mentally (as there are no public votes unfortunately).

Currently, as we lead longer lives, modern-day society is expanding. This puts pressure on the healthcare system. Therefore, we need to increase the quality of care while reducing healthcare costs. Innovations in healthcare can provide unique opportunities to transform our society and to keep healthcare effective, accessible and affordable to all.

About AIA

The Accenture Innovation Awards are an essential part of Accenture’s year-round innovation program. Here, we foster innovation, facilitate exciting new collaborations and provide a valuable platform for the innovations of the future. By joining the competition, you will not only gain access to a wealth of insight and support, but also draw attention to your future vision.

We thank Accenture for their support of Nori Health.

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