Making the shift towards prevention.


Chronic diseases like inflammatory bowel disease are causing immense quality of life issues. Improving self care will extend traditional treatment and helps people to stay healthier and happier for longer periods of time.

Digital therapeutics for IBD/IBS patients

Nori helps your high-demand population to make better lifestyle choices and increase quality of life. Taking the pressure off the healthcare system with the goal to educate and decrease unnecessary hospital visits based on uncertainty and anxiety.

The Nori Health digital therapeutic program

Nori Health™ is a 6-week digital therapy program guided by a chat coach.

It helps to improve symptoms and quality of life through personal and anonymous conversations. Patients increase management of the condition by over 30%, with relief related of extreme fatigue and pain.

The current strategy in chronic disease management is ‘hope’. We believe we can do better.


Let’s provide better support for people that live with a chronic disease. So that they feel healthier, and need less medical care over time.

Energy levels

And managing your condition in daily life. Including diet optimization, exercising routines and much more to bring your life forward.

Mental strength

A holistic approach to improve your mental strength and stability, in order to find acceptance, resilience and openness.

Stress reduction

Decreasing stress is one of the key factors when living with a chronic bowel disease. Discover underlying triggers to really make a change.

The Nori Health program is designed together with healthcare experts from hospitals, universities and others in order to deliver the most beneficial outcomes.

The result is a stronger body and mental wellbeing that supports a patient to stay healthy for longer periods of time.


It’s advised to complete the program every 6 months for recalibration of lifestyle.


✔ Average improvement in daily management of the condition, which include diet and exercising.


✔ Of our users have restored belief in current treatment, directly avoiding questions for doctors.

As partner of Nori Health, you offer year-round support in between doctor visits. Because this population needs more care than just medical care to improve quality of life.

Gain in-depth knowledge of unknown complaints, challenges and symptoms with relevant patients based on anonymous data insights from PROMs.

Drive the innovation culture at your hospital by working with one of the most exciting startups in chronic disease management. A partnership provides faster learnings in this field.

Pilot opportunities

We work with selected hospitals in pilot campaigns to prove the impact on workload and outcomes. Leave your details below to schedule a demo.