Nori Health Gains Medical Device Certification

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients can have an ongoing mental and physical drain that’s downright daunting. Unfortunately, these patients rarely receive the support they need. Medical providers aim to treat their patients but are often strapped for time and resources.


Patients are left searching for help and education on their own. The information and advice they find may not be scientifically credible nor certified, setting them up for a poorly managed disease. This is both dangerous to patients’ well-being and puts an enormous strain on the global health system.

Nori as a Medical Device


The dedicated and diverse team of Nori Health has been on a mission to improve the quality of life of those suffering from IBD while offering a helping hand to medical professionals and Pharma companies.


Working alongside doctors, psychologists, and dietitians, as well as basing the program and blog content on scientifically proven research studies, Nori’s goal has always been to provide credible information and coaching.


Nori Health believes its product should create complete confidence and trust in those who use it. Which is why they are honored to announce that they have become a certified medical device.


According to the European guidelines, and Council Directive 93/42/EEC (MDD), Nori Health is officially defined as a medical device. This is because the application can advise IBD patients to adjust lifestyle choices to reduce IBD symptoms.


Nori Health Program


Nori Health is an 8-week web application program driven by artificial intelligence in the form of a chatbot coach. This comprehensive and personalized program provides IBD patients with the support they need between doctor visits, encouraging medication adherence, and healthy behavior change.


Through daily conversations, Nori can analyze and suggest advice, as a supplement to Pharma and medical instruction. Topics include food, activities, drinks, stress management, and sleep quality.


Now that Nori Health is a certified medical device, we’re confident that the program meets market-based standards. Nori Health will help protect the health, safety, and security of its users.